Samsung SSD Magician and Data Migration Review
Posted on: 01.04.2013 12:45:32

Product on Review: Samsung SSD Magician + Data Migration Software
Manufacturer & Sponsor: Samsung
Street Price: Free with Samsung SSDs

Samsung have been at the forefront of the solid state drive market since the beginning although relatively unknown until the past year or so with the release of the Samsung 830 Series into the mainstream, it could be considered a shock to know that Samsung are the biggest producer of flash memory in the world today. Samsung are one of the only companies on the market to produce all the parts for themselves, when you buy a Samsung SSD, you get a Samsung SSD. With Samsungís utilization of the highly sought after NAND controller, their competitive pricing and fantastic performance itís really no surprise to hear that they are among some of the most reliable and reputable brands in the world.

Behind every piece of hardware is a hard working piece of software and Samsung are no different in this respect. Samsung are currently supplying all their SSDs with bundled software which includes the Samsung Magician and Samsungís Data Migration Software. Today we see how well they fit together and explain the features and other aspects of the software. To test and showcase the software we will be using the Samsung 830 Series 128GB SSD.

About Samsung

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