Fractal Design Node 605 Review

Posted by: David Mitchelson on: 25-02-2013 [ 3 comment(s) ]

Node 605 is designed for HTPC and is a computer chassis with full ATX compatibility. Can Fractal Design stamp their mark in a new sector?

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Fractal Design Node 605 Review

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#30762 Posted on: 20.04.2013 22:28:32
I do like fractal cases. I think going for HTPC with full ATX size is a tad overkill. Another one I'm not keen with some cases is the USB slots being hidden, result is you spend half the time with the flap down.
The review complains 2 or 3 times that both of the included 120mm fans intakes? turn one of the fans round? put in the additional 2x 80mm fans there is space for at the back?

Fractal Design Node 605 Review

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#30765 Posted on: 21.04.2013 11:47:52
That's a gorgeous case, always been a fan of brushed aluminium but it sure isn't cheap! Would love to watercool one though, reckon a 2X80mm rad wouldn't handle a small CPU loop too badly

Fractal Design Node 605 Review

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#30769 Posted on: 21.04.2013 17:37:32
Quite liked the look of this but the GPU configuration put me off to an extent, still not ruled it out for my HTPC, Haswell will probably mean an upgrade for it!