ZOTAC GTX660 Ti AMP! Extreme Review

Posted by: Richard Weatherstone on: 25-11-2012 [ 3 comment(s) ]

The ZOTAC AMP! Extreme offers factory overclocked settings and a custom cooler that make it one of the fastest, quietest GTX660's available.

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ZOTAC GTX660 Ti AMP! Extreme Review


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#26679 Posted on: 28.11.2012 13:45:52
a great review and nice graphics card this looks better than their previous cooler but i still think it can be improved visually

ZOTAC GTX660 Ti AMP! Extreme Review


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#26681 Posted on: 28.11.2012 20:03:06
Thanks mate. Yeah I agree, while great looking the cooler still has room for improvement. If anything I'd like to see a little bit extra for the 'Extreme' versions rather than a one size fits all cooler.

ZOTAC GTX660 Ti AMP! Extreme Review


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#26682 Posted on: 28.11.2012 20:12:33
Is that cooler still supplied by Zalman btw? I know the old AMP coolers used to be designed by those guys!

Great review mate!