Overclockers UK Ultima 9550i Tyrannosaur MKIII Review

Posted by: Brendan van Varik on: 07-01-2013 [ 0 comment(s) ]

A powerful system based around dual GTX 680s in SLI and an Intel Core i7 3770K at 4.6GHz. How will it perform in our tests?

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GTX680 Quad SLI vs HD7970 Quad CrossfireX Review

Posted by: Richard Weatherstone on: 19-04-2012 [ 0 comment(s) ]

SLI or Crossfire? GTX680 or HD7970? 1, 2, 3 or 4 cards? Who is number 1? Join us as we pitch the most powerful setups from AMD and NVIDIA against each other. ..

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