Intel Z97 Review - M.2 vs SATA

Posted by: Tim Harmer on: 22-05-2014 [ 0 comment(s) ]

With the help of Plextor's M6e we put one of the key features of Intel's Z97 chipset under the spotlight to see if it can really dethrone SATA 3.

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CeBIT 2012 - Patriot Memory 2012 Product Line Up

Posted by: Tony Le Bourne on: 12-03-2012 [ 0 comment(s) ]

Patriot display their coming NAND flash based product lineup for 2012, including SD cards, USB devices and solid state drives.

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CeBIT 2012 - OCZ Display New SSD Storage Options

Posted by: Tim Harmer on: 12-03-2012 [ 0 comment(s) ]

We preview the Vertex 4, multiple form-factor Kilimanjaro platform, and OCZ's first Thunderbolt device: Lightfoot.

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OCZ Agility 3 240GB SSD Review

Posted by: David Mitchelson on: 22-07-2011 [ 0 comment(s) ]

Looking for a good quality, SATAIII 6Gbps Solid State Drive but on a budget? We size up OCZ's new Agility 3 series. Click to find out how this SATA III SSD performed.

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