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    Hi everyone, We are dmodz a farther and son PC modding team, will be using this thread as a build log for a custom watercooling mod using the Cougar Conquer case. The theme for the case will be based on Lewis Hamiltons winning F1 car.

    We really like the vivid turquoise, black and silver colour scheme. The case of course lends itself to the feel of a powerful engine (or does to us).

    The case itself needs very little hard customisation on first inspection, lending itself well to less experienced to medium modders and system builders. It is a pre 'modded' design so it looks great by simply adding your chosen components.

    Dylan and Dad.

  2. Matty-Hodgson

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    We're all really looking forward to seeing the work go into this build.
  3. Mishima

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    Hey - welcome! :)

    Can't wait to see how this one turns out. That case is a beast.
  4. dmodz

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    Put the case together without the fans as will be replacing the stock fans with some RBG's will not be going full rainbow but more to utilise a light blue or turquoise and white effect. Looking to add a triple 360 rad to the top of the case and a double 240 to the front.

    IMG_3768.JPG IMG_3771.JPG IMG_3773.jpg IMG_3775.JPG IMG_3781.JPG IMG_3782.jpg
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    Major component I forgot to add was the GPU. Asus Rog Strix 1080ti should give enough punch. Of course we will be removing the heatsink and fans and adding a water block.

    The fans that come boxed with the Conquer are decent 120's but we have removed these in order to install 5 new fans to sit with the 360 (top) and 240 (front).

    Liquid colour is still up for debate, however we are leaning towards's sky blue which will match in well with the striking blue lines on the panels.

  6. dmodz

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    Big Shak? Mans not hot? Rams not hot, or won't be when we watercool it! Why do you need to watercool ram I hear you say. You dont, you dont need a full custom loop in a lot of systems however seeing as its there lets add it. Also lets add it with some RGB lights for good measure.

    Starting with 2x8 sticks of DDR4 Corsair Vengeance 3000MHz, these already have a nice sleek black heatsinks attached which for this build would of looked good without any tinkering.


    So adding to the mix a Barrow waterblock with twin sinks for the corsair ram. The pack from Barrow comes with a nice foam mat which i'm assuming is for protection in transit but we found it unfolds nicely as a little work station too.


    Now for the job I dislike the most, I've always had a real fear of stripping sinks off ram that im going to kill it in the process. I use a tried and tested method of applying a little heat from a heatgun to the sink while holding the ram with bare fingers, this way I know how hot the stick is getting as it could be very easy to overheat.

    A small amount of heat eases the adhesive to the stick giving a more gentle release.

    Some nudes!



    Once stripped we added the the new thermal pads supplied in the Barrow pack.


    The build quality on the ram sticks is solid and all screws are countersunk with mini allen keys supplied.




    The block simply screws onto the top of the heatsinks when the ram is attached to the board. The Block has wide slots to make sure any slight variance in fitting or board a can be accommodated. Good to go!


    This build is not an RGB rainbow fest however the beauty of all these products being RGB these days, is the range of lighting that can be achieved with more subtle settings. Yes you could go bonkers and make a rainbow, but for this build we can achieve a gentle light blue white effect.

    Pic below of the lights in action.

  7. dmodz

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    In this build we have decided to utilise as much of the case as possible so fitting the a front 240 and a top 360 radiator to add as much chill factor to the loop as possible.

    Using Barrow slim Dabel series rads and matt black Barrow rad fans.

    25508080_643326442722726_2304349660963702203_n.jpg 25542675_643326436056060_7443316288824168941_o.jpg 25587721_643326439389393_3340068728290352696_o.jpg

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