Vortez.net Awards

There are a number of awards available to the products we review at Vortez. Below are the selection we currently use.

Platinum Award
The Platinum award is given to a product that is absolutely oustanding. It has no recognisable problems and is a premium product deserving nothing less than the highest award (96-100%%)

Gold Award
This award is given to a product that has exceptional performance, visuals and value. This product delivers on almost every level with very few negatives, it clearly stands out from the crowd. (90-95%)

Silver Award
The Silver award is given to a product that delivers excellent performance but lacks in a certain area - be it cost or visuals. A product awarded Silver is a great product but not quite perfect. (80-89%)

Bronze Award
Similar to our Silver award, Bronze is awarded to a product that whilst lacking some performance, appearance or features is a still a good buy and should be put on the wishlist. (70-79%)

The stamp of approval is used at the editor's discretion and is assigned to a product that gets their seal of approval. This comes recommended by the editor and Vortez.

Elite Award
The elite award is given to a product that is the best in its class. It is the ultimate of offerings, being distinctly brilliant in its catgegory regardless of the price.

Creative Award
The creative award is given to a product that is innovative. This product may break the boundaries for the way we look at the particular item in question. It is a radical step away from other products in its category and clearly stands out from the crowd.

Amazing Value Award
The Amazing Value award is dedicated to products that may not necessarily boast high end performance but represent excellent value for money at their price-point. This award isn't exclusive to a lower performing product though - a product may perform extremely well and also offer amazing value for money.

Performance Award
The Performance award is given to a product that is the highest performing product in its class. With all other attributes such as price to the side, this product excels by offering sheer performance above all things.