Vortez.net Awards


We have a selection of awards that allow us to give praise and recognition to the products we review here at Vortez. Here is the list of those we currently use and their description.


Our Ultimate award is reserved for the outstanding, uncompromising, best-in-class products that are distinctly brilliant with few recognisable flaws.


Our Premium award is given to products that and is at the forefront in its class. Exceptional in its features, performance, and quality, these products will come highly recommended.


This award allows us to praise a product that reaches the level of performance, quality, and functionality we would expect at its price-point, representing a good buy that we would recommend.


At Vortez, we recognise that some products can be innovative, radical, and different. Our Creative Award allow us to commend such items that break the boundaries and change how we view, and use them.


Some products can be highly competitive, providing performance and/or quality above their market price-point. Though not directly indicative of a ‘low price’, our Amazing Value Award gives recognition to products that provide more than what we would expect at their price point.


Regardless of price, aesthetics, and features, some products are made for sheer performance. Our Performance Award allows us to recognise these stand-out products geared to provide the best performance above all else.


Unfortunately, there are times where an item may not receive an award. This can be due to various factors such as, issues with quality or design that reduce the user experience, other times it could simply be down to the competitive nature of the market and the product in question didn’t quite make the grade.

As there is always an element of subjectivity and circumstance with new products, our aim is to give a true account of our experiences. This is to enable our readers to decide what is right for them, while providing manufacturers fair feedback to help develop and improve their products.