ENERMAX Introduces The 18/20cm T.B. VEGAS QUAD and The T.B. APOLLISH Case Fans
Posted on: 22.01.2013 19:08:23

Enermax have announced they are releasing 18cm version's of their premium T.B Vegas fans (4 color LED's) and the T.B Apollish (Available in red and blue).

January 21st, 2013 Taipei – ENERMAX, the leading PC case and power supply brand, has introduced their T.B. VEGAS QUAD and T.B. APOLLISH Case Fans.

The fans are 18/20cm, giving a large size for better cooling performance and are compatible with 18cm and 20cm mounting holes. Both fans are compatible with Enermax’s Fulmo, Fulmo GT, Ostrog GT, Hoplite, and Coenus computer cases.

The fans feature Shift Speed Control providing 3 cooling modes. The T.B. VEGAS QUAD stands out with a Blue/Red/Green/White 4-color LED with 6 lightening modes and the T.B. APOLLISH sports a patented Circular Type LED fan with up to 18 diodes.

One distinguishing element is the patented circular type LEDs with 24 (up to 4x6) diodes and are up to five times brighter than any other fans.

A Vortex design is important for proper ventilation and both the T.B.VEGAS QUAD fan and the T.B.APOLLISH fan boast this enhancement. The Vortex frame design concentrates airflow to cool target areas and the blades are designed with a focus to center the light to increase the brightness of the LEDs.

The MSRP will be $24.99 for the T.B.VEGAS QUAD 18cm fan and the MSRP is $18.99 for the T.B.APOLLISH 18cm.

Learn more about T.B. VEGAS QUAD and T.B. APOLLISH Case Fans: http://www.enermax.com/home.php?fn=eng/product_a1&lv0=4&lv1=66

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