Intel's Haswell To Launch On June 2nd
Posted on: 23.01.2013 11:23:31

According to leaked Intel roadmaps the anticipated release of its Haswell CPU's looks set for June 2nd 2013.

Following up from here, and according to various sources, Intel plan to release their new CPU's (Haswell) on June 2nd 2013. They are reported to debut just before the Computex show which runs from June 4th - June 8th in Taipei.

Haswell will feature a new integrated GPU (HD4600) and a new socket, LGA1150. Motherboards with this socket will include the H81, H87 and Z87 chipsets.

A list of the CPU's include the Core i7-4770K, i7-4770, i7-4770S, i7-4770T, i7-4765T, i5-4670K, i5-4670, i5-4670S, i5-4670T, i5-4570, i5-4570S, i5-4570T, i5-4430 and the i5-4430S.

If it is released early in June it is likely it won't be the only processor to debut at Computex. At CES earlier this month AMD revealed that its Kabini chip will be released mid-year.

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