Using Softphones for Business: The Effective Alternative to Good Old Telephone Hardware

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Ever considered VoIP? Here are some of the benefits of using Softphones for Business.
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Top-3 Games That Can Be Called Lookalikes Of Skyrim

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Are you a fan of Skyrim? Here are some popular gaming titles which are very similar in their appearance and gameplay.
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Acer Expands Predator and Nitro Gaming Portfolio

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A plethora of new products have been announced by Acer at IFA 2018, of which include the Predator XB273K and Nitro XV273K gaming monitors.
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Blue Introduces Yeti Nano USB Mic

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Blue’s best selling USB microphone family now includes a compact desktop version that helps today’s broadcasters easily record and stream with high quality audio.
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Phanteks Releases Evolv X Mid Tower

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The new Evolv X has been refined with strongly enhanced airflow while maintaining its distinctive character. This includes effective spacing and mesh elements to ensure an impecable balance between airflow and clean aesthetics.
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VEGAS Pro 16 Is Released

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MAGIX Software unveils VEGAS Pro 16 which arrives with new features, including Motion Tracking - now making it easier to track movement of objects and more!
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HyperX Expands Predator DDR4 RGB & Predator DDR4 Lineup

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Faster frequencies and higher capacities will soon be made available under the Predator and Predator RGB DDR4 kits taking max. capacity to 128GB and max. frequency to 4133MHz.
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EVGA Offers A Complete Redesign With New GeForce RTX 20-Series GPUs

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EVGA unveils an astounding 16 graphics card variants for the upcoming RTX 20-Series. Among other features, they will offer new redesigned iCX2 cooling solution on their graphics cards, as well as new Hydro Dynamic Bearing (HDB) cooling fans.
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ZOTAC Push The Limit With New GeForce RTX 20-Series AMP! Edition Graphics Cards

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Renowned for their AMP! Edition graphics cards, ZOTAC presents their overclocked variants of the all-new NVIDIA GeForce 2080 and 2080 Ti.
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Following NVIDIA RTX 20-Series Announcement, MSI Unveils Custom Designs

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MSI are quick off the mark to unleash a plethora of custom designs based on NVIDIA's new RTX 2070, 2080 and 2080 Ti under the following series: Aero, Ventus, GAMING X TRIO, Duke, and Sea Hawk.
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NVIDIA Officially Announces Next-Gen GeForce RTX 20-Series

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After 10 Years in the making, NVIDIA brings Real-Time Ray Tracing to gamers with GeForce RTX 2070, 2080 and 2080 Ti - starting at $499 and with availability Sept. 20.
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Blue Microphones Release Yeti Pro USB Microphone

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Blue microphones builds on the success of the Yeti to combine 24 bit/192 kHz recording resolution - the highest digital resolution on the market with XLR output.
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Nitro Concepts Unveil New S300 - Urban Camo Edition

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The fresh new design features a digital camouflage pattern, coordinating with the emergence of military/battleground games.
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How is Assassin's Creed: Origins like The Witcher 3?

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The tenth installment of the popular action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal is back. Are there undertones of The Witcher 3?
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Gaming Is Now Multidisciplinary, And Needs Hardware To Match.

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The era of quad-core gaming is drawing to a close, and none to soon given what gaming as a hobby has evolved into.
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