3DMark 11 released 30th November - Update 30/11/10 - Release Delayed

👤by Alex Hull Comments 📅30.11.2010 09:16:18

The ever popular 3DMark has reached its next iteration - 3DMark 11. This new version promises various improvements over previous versions, perhaps most importantly supporting DirectX 11 and tessellation to provide the highest and most stressful standard of image quality.

3DMark 11 Basic Edition will be available for free, but with large amounts of restrictions and some obvious adverts.

3DMark Advanced Edition is available right now for pre-order at $19.95 and offers many more features over the Basic Edition. That's about 12.50 in our money. Well worth it if you regularly benchmark.

There are also reports that MSI will be bundling 3DMark 11 with many of their products - keep an eye out for that.

Watch the preview below for a taste of what to expect:


For more information, and to pre-order, visit the official 3DMark 11 website.

UPDATE 30/11/10:

It seems that 3DMark 11 has been delayed by anything from a few days to a week due to small bugs.

Futuremark state:
Over the weekend we made the difficult decision to postpone the launch of 3DMark 11 by a few days. Our aim is that 3DMark 11 should provide accurate, reliable and consistent results from the start. With that goal in mind we are taking some extra time now to fix a couple of difficult bugs rather than patching the benchmark immediately after launch.

No new release date has been provided, but Futuremark have also commented:
It might take a day, it might be a week, but either way we'll be in touch again soon to confirm the new launch date...

Let's hope it's with us soon. On the upside, it looks as though those who pre-ordered will get a free copy of Shattered Horizon for their enjoyment.

Source: Techpowerup

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