65 Percent of Intel's Market Still LGA 775

👤by Roderick Sam Comments 📅26.11.2010 07:08:11

Amazingly the Intel Core 2 branding of desktop CPUs which date back to mid 2006 are still going strong and Intel's Q4 2010 results show that it occupies 65% of their desktop market share. This is incredible for a nearly 5 year old chip and not to mention there have been 2 generations in between, LGA 1366 and LGA 1156.

The Intel core I branding has a 30% share with the remaining 5% taken by the Atom market. With the imminent release of LGA 1155 Intel expect this to change as there is massive potential for the new socket.

Interestingly Intel predicts that the Core i 2010 range (LGA 1156) has peaked now at 27% and expects this to drop down to 22% in Q1 2010. Does this mean the slow demise of the LGA 1156 and it has only just past its 1 year anniversary! The top end LGA 1336 is set to maintain its 1% share of the market.

Intel's hope is that those currently on the Core 2 platform will jump on the Core i 2000 (LGA 1155) bandwagon.

With seemingly new sockets now coming out very year for Intel are they setting a new precedence and will people move knowing that something new is just around the corner. Or has technology and software moved on enough to warrant the shift to a new platform? I know that I am a serial upgrader but my Core 2 system still does the job of normal everyday activities.

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