8Pack Domin8 Extreme Water-Cooled Overclocked Workstation PC Launched

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Press Release

8Pack Domin8 Extreme Water-Cooled Overclocked workstation PC launched, now available on Overclockers UK. The 8Pack Domin8 is a multi-core, multi-thread, multi-GPU, water-cooled overclocked PC with the latest flagship hardware, featuring a custom dual water loop and specially customised case. The 8Pack Domin8 is equipped with an Intel Xeon W9-3495X Sapphire Rapids processor, two NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards, 256GB octo-channel DDR5 memory, and five storage drives with a total capacity of 48TB. The 8Pack Domin8 Extreme workstation PC will debut at COMPUTEX 2023.

Key Features
- Extreme PC designed and overclocked by Ian “8Pack” Parry
- Harnesses elite performance power of flagship hardware
- Dual water-cooling system built with custom-developed components
- Intel Sapphire Rapids CPU and two RTX 4090 GPUs - all overclocked!
- 256GB octo-channel DDR5 RAM with custom heat spreaders
- Five storage drives with a total capacity of 48TB

The 8Pack Domin8 is built with the best flagship hardware, using an Intel Sapphire Rapids CPU overclocked to offer an extra 45% performance over stock. This system can handle even the most intense workloads, with two NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPUs installed and overclocked to offer the best performance while maintaining stability. Each GPU has a dedicated EK Water Block to maintain optimum temperatures. The 8Pack Domin8 also offers the option to support up to 4 GPUs.

The motherboard is an ASUS W790 WS Sage with Crucial 256GB 4800MHz DDR5 octo-channel RAM. Utilising all eight channels, its perfect for digital rendering. Memory capacity can also be increased up to 4TB. For storage, the 8Pack Domin8 offers five drives with a total of 48TB. The drives include 2x CORSAIR Gen5 2TB NVME drives, 1x WD_BLACK 850X Gen4 4TB drive, and 2x WD Red HDD 20TB drives, with further storage options available. To power all this hardware are two Superflower 8Pack Edition 2000W Modular PSUs. The PSUs have a certified 80 PLUS Platinum rating and can run with 92% efficiency at half load.

The Domin8 has a custom-designed dual water-cooling system, with one loop specifically dedicated to the GPUs. Throughout the Domin8 are various custom components to offer the best cooling support. One of which, are the 2x Nexalus 8Pack custom-made radiators measuring 480mm in length and 240mm in width. With such a large surface area, heat is able to dissipate quickly and efficiently.

Each loop has a dedicated Nexalus 8Pack Pump which has been optimised to provide 25% improved flow while only taking up two-thirds of the space. A custom-built mono-block has been installed to cool the motherboards VRMs and CPU echoing the colour and hexagonal theme, while a bespoke distro-plate encompasses the hexagonal design of the outer chassis. Complementing the custom dual water loop are Phanteks D30 fans offering high static pressure for fantastic airflow. Additionally, both cooling systems can be controlled individually thanks to the inclusion of two Aquaero fan controllers.

The 8Pack Domin8 is housed in a CORSAIR “1008”D – a fully customised Corsair 1000D Super Tower PC Case with a clean and stylish white aesthetic. The case has been heavily modified in many ways to best meet the needs of the flagship hardware, taking the chassis back to basics to redesign several key elements throughout.

Dual PSU functionality has been added as well as Cerakote-painted aluminium panels. The front panel adorns 8Pack branding and hexagonal cutouts to not only enhance its futuristic look but also offer great airflow. To showcase its impressive hardware, the 8Pack Domin8 features a custom lightbox and tempered glass side panel, displaying the system in all its glory. The 8Pack Domin8 can be personalised to meet your own tastes. Paint, cables and coolant can all be customised, as well as the option of our very own printing service.

The 8Pack Domin8 Intel Sapphire Rapids 3495X Overclocked Extreme Workstation PC is built to order, and available on Overclockers UK.

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