A New Flash Drive Duplicator From Startech Which Doesn't Require A Computer

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Startech have announced the release of their portable USB Flash Drive Duplicator, the USBDUP12.

Northampton, UK - March 18, 2013StarTech.com, a leading manufacturer of hard-to-find connectivity parts, has announced the release of a [url=http://intrl.startech.com/HDD/Duplicators/USB-1-to-2-Standalone-Flash-Drive-Duplicator-Eraser~USBDUP12]portable USB Flash Drive Duplicator (SKU: USBDUP12)[=url], which enables users to simultaneously clone a single flash drive onto two individual flash drives, or erase two flash drives, without having to connect the duplicator or the drives to a computer.

The duplicator provides the option to copy an exact image of the entire source drive volume, or just the data from the flash drive, to two other flash drives at speeds up to 1.5GB per minute. The high-performance duplicator also features an integrated LCD display and LED indicators, which simplify monitoring the operating status and progress while cloning or erasing is being performed.

““The portable design and standalone nature of this duplicator provides a lot of convenience and flexibility, for users where system resources and access are constrained” said Carey Cline, Senior Product Manager for StarTech.com’s Hard Drive Accessories product line. “The duplicator offers a simple way to manage flash drive contents, as well as an easy way to wipe data from the drives to prevent security issues such as identity theft or confidential information falling into the wrong hands”.

Features of StarTech.com’s new USB Flash Drive Duplicator also include:

• Support for both Asynchronous and Synchronous copy modes, with 64MB of internal memory
• Department of Defense (DoD) secure erase
• Compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 thumb drives/flash drives
• Supports duplicating to HDD/SSD/SD/SDHC/Micro SD/MMC/Mini SD/CF media types through a USB enclosure, dock, or multimedia card reader (sold separately)

RRP for StarTech.com’s USB Flash Drive Duplicator is £178.99 (GBP exc. VAT) in the UK. The USBDUP12 is available from leading technology resellers including Insight, Amazon.co.uk and Dabs and is also distributed by Enta, Ingram Micro and Micro-P.

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