A Showpiece at Your Fingertips: Announcing the Glorious GMMK Pro 75% Barebone Keyboard

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅13.03.2021 23:50:24

The Glorious PC Gaming Race returns this week with a novel peripheral for gaming rarely seen outside of the specialist sphere. They're introducing the GMMK Pro 75 Barebone Keyboard, a 75% sized keyboard chassis with gasket-mounted hot-swappable switch design that offers a premium feel and high levels of customisation within a compact and understated footprint. It's available to preorder now from Overclockers.co.uk in ANSI and IOS layouts, black and white colours, priced at 169.99 inc. V.A.T.

Mechanical keyboards are something of a gateway drug. You start with your mainstream model, with preferred (typically Cherry MX) switch type. And then it escalates... you're looking at custom keycaps, rare mechanical switch sets, variant frames. And suddenly you're customising your own keyboard, kitting out an excellent frame with your perfect combination of components. The GMMK Pro 75 aims to help you scratch that itch.

In addition to the gasket-mounted hotswappable switch design that will dampen keystrokes for a more subtle acoustic response, the GMMK Pro 75 also features customisable RGB lighting for each of its 83 key positions and a programmable rotary dial which they're calling the 'rotary encoder'. Further attention to detail in the form of 'GOAT' lubed stabilisers for a smooth and stable action highlights the premium nature of this aluminium barebones keyboard.

Key Features

- 5-pin modular PCB to easily add and remove your favourite switches
- Premium compact design for quality performance and stylish aesthetic fitting any set-up
- Gasket-mounted plate design that naturally dampens keystrokes
- CNC aluminium case with high-quality presentation and durability
- GOAT stabilisers and rotary encoder supporting versatile personalisation & functionality
- Glorious Core software gives you full control to game the way you like

The GMMK Pro 75 also incorporates expected modern features such as full NKRO, detachable USB-C cable, and comprehensive configuration software. It also supports both QMK and VIA open source firmware.

Technical Specifications

Layout:- US ANSI (83 Keys, plus rotary encoder) or ISO layout
Plate Mounting Type:- Gasket mounted design
Case Material:- Aluminium
Stabilisers:- Pre-lubed Glorious GOAT stabilizers (screw-in)
Removable Keycaps:- Yes
Removable USB Cord:- Yes
Modular (Hot Swap) Switches:- Yes
Switches:- Not included
Weight:- 3.3 lbs (barebones - estimated)
Keycap Puller Tool:- Included
Switch Puller Tool:- Included
RGB:- 16.8 million color RGB LED backlight (south-facing) & LED sidelights
Cord Length:- 6 feet
N-Key Rollover:- Full NKRO
Interface:- USB-C 2.0
Open Source Firmware Compatibility:- QMK and VIA
Typing Angle:- 6 Degrees
Dimensions:- 332mm x 32mm x 135 xx

More information on the Glorious GMMK Pro 75 can be found at https://www.overclockers.co.uk/lp/glorious-gmmk-pro.html. A selection of switch packs is also available from the retailer.

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