ADATA Applies Anti-Sulfuration Technology To Its Industrial-Grade Products

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅05.09.2018 16:56:31

ADATA applies Anti-Sulfuration Technology to its products for stronger protection against pollution and environmental contaminants that are present in industrial applications. ADATA will start its application of anti-sulfuration technology to its industrial-grade products, including solid-state drives and DDR4 DRAM modules, starting today which aims to provide better resistance from corrosion to enhance stability and lifespan of these products. ADATA will also be upgrading its industrial-grade DDR4 DRAM modules to speeds of up to 2666MHz to deliver high-performance and energy-efficient memory for industrial applications.

Anti-Sulfuration Technology

Sulfuration is a process that occurs when excessive sulfide in the environment interacts with the silver inside resistors to form silver sulfide which cases resistors to lose conductivity. With anti-sulfuration technology, ADATA’s industrial-grade SSDs and DRAM modules will be better protected against it with utmost effectiveness. Testing was conducted with the products applied with anti-sulfuration technology to meet the high standards of industrial applications. It includes sulfuration and reliability testing, which subjects the components to a high-sulfur, high-temperature (105°C), and high-humidity (91%-93%) environment for 45 days to confirm their compliance with the ASTM B809-95 specification.

Faster ADATA DDR4 2666 DRAMs

ADATA presents the faster DDR4 2666 DRAM SO-DIMM modules with anti-sulfuration technology offerings greater benefits including high-speed computing, anti-sulfuration protection, and resistance to extreme temperatures from -40°C to 85°C. The new ADATA DDR4 2666 DRAM modules deliver a powerful and durable memory solution for industrial applications.

Learn more about ADATA’s industrial-grade products here.

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