ADATA HD650 and New HD710 Pro Now Available In 4TB Capacities

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ADATA releases the new HD710 Pro portable storage drive offering up to 4TB capacities featuring high-speed transfer rates using the USB 3.1 interface. ADATA also upgrades the HD650 portable storage drive model now offering capacities of up to 4TB. Both models uses USB 3.1 interface for speedy transfer speeds and the 4TB capacity is a milestone for the brand, the highest capacity for unpowered USB portable storage drives. Watch the video below regarding ADATA’s ultra-durable portable hard drives.

ADATA HD710 Pro – Tougher and Bigger in Capacity

The HD710 Pro portable hard drive offering from ADATA feature a complete set of weatherproofing, anti-vibration and anti-shock. The HD710 Pro is made to withstand harsh environment and built for outdoor use. It exceeds the IEC IP68 requirements with its dust-tight chassis that can withstand a hour of submersion under two meters of water. The portable drive also passes MIL-STD 810G 516.6 requirements with its triple-layer of protection from shock and vibration. The HD710 Pro is available in capacities ranging 1TB, 2TB, 3TB and 4TB in different colours including black, red, yellow and blue.

ADATA HD650 – Improved with Larger Capacity

The HD650 portable hard drive also features the triple-layer protection used in the HD710 Pro and will now be using the faster USB 3.1 interface. Also, the external hard drive will now be offered in the much larger 4TB capacity variant.

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