ADATA Presents HD710M Pro and HD710A Pro Portable Drives

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ADATA presents the HD710M Pro and HD710A Pro portable drives featuring superb durability with its IP68 standard certification guaranteeing military-grade protection. The ADATA HD710M Pro and HD710A Pro are based on the toughest designs, but with better specifications than ever, offering protection against dust and moisture which can even withstand 60 minutes submersion at 2 meters deep. Its touch silicone rubber and shock-absorbing mechanism enable the drive to withstand up to 1.5-meter drops. The HD710A Pro is designed to work and complement Mac computers.

Triple-Layered Construction in a Stylish Package

The HD710M Pro and HD710A Pro carry ADATA’s Durable Series signature set of military-grade protection. The HD710M Pro applies a military camouflage theme as the HD710M, giving off an air of rugged martial prowess, while the HD710A Pro extends the elegant minimalistic themes exemplified by brands such as Apple, with its understated grey and white casing. The HD710M Pro and HD710A Pro both have strong protections against water and dust, which exceed IP68 standards.

Vibration-Sensing Features and Strong Waterproofing

The HD710M Pro and HD710A Pro are both equipped with shock sensors that can detect vibrations. When strong vibrations occur while the hard drive is in use, a red warning LED will illuminate, and the device will automatically activate its protective systems to prevent damage. Furthermore, the user-friendly waterproof cover can be attached to the exterior of the HD710M Pro and HD710A Pro. The HD710A Pro comes with the Apple HFS+ system and supports Apple Time Machine, thus giving it a high degree of compatibility with Apple devices.

High-Speed and Large Capacity

The HD710M Pro and HD710A Pro boast capacities of up to 2TB, and thanks to the high-speed USB3.1 interface, transferring files is quick, easy, and convenient. This makes the HD710M Pro and HD710A Pro the premier choice for portable storage, whether you are looking for a military-style hard drive or one that blends seamlessly with your Apple computer.

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