ADATA Presents HV300 and HD330 Portable HDD Drives

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ADATA presents the HV300 and HD330 portable drives, ADATA’s newest portable hard drive offerings available in capacities of up to a massive 5TB model. The ADATA HV300 is the industry’s slimmest portable hard drive to date measuring only at 10.3mm thick and still be able to offer up to a 5TB storage. It sports a sleek and sophisticated design that’s perfect for any modern user. The ADATA HD330, on the other hand, sports greater durability and protection with its silicone outer shell to protect the drive from physical damages.

ADATA HV300: Slim and Sleek
The ADATA HV300 is ultra slim at 10.3mm thick making it the most portable high-capacity portable hard drive ADATA has to offer. The HV300 can easily slip into pockets, backpacks or briefcase. It sports an eye-catching glossy front cover with an exquisitely textured frame. ADATA offers the HV300 in four stylish colours including black, white, red and blue.

The ADATA HV300 comes in 1TB, 2TB, 4TB and 5TB capacities addressing different user demands from casual users like students and office workers to data-heavy users like content creators that store high-quality audio and video files. To help the HV300 transfer data, it uses the USB 3.1 interface for fast read and write speeds. It also features ADATA’s proprietary shock sensors that shut down the drive in cases of shocks and impact to reduce the possibility of errors and bad sectors. The HV300 also comes with the HDDtoGO software with AES-256 bit encryption to keep the user’s important data safe from prying eyes.

ADATA HD330: High-Density and High-Durability
The ADATA HD330 sports greater protection against shocks and vibrations with its shock-absorbing silicone layer. It also comes with the proprietary shock sensors like the HV300 to avoid damages and errors due to shocks and drops. The HD330 also comes in 1TB, 2TB, 4TB and 5TB capacities offering a flexible selection of data storage for different users. The HD330 also features HDDtoGO software with AES-256 bit encryption and empowered with fast transfer rates via USB 3.1.

Information on pricing and availability not available as of this writing.

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