Advanced Lighting For Your Chassis - NZXT Launch The HUE+

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Los Angeles, CA – NZXT introduces the HUE+, a digital lighting solution for the PC. Using CAM software control, HUE+ is an advanced lighting solution that offers PC users unprecedented illumination possibilities and includes smart lighting functions capable of reacting to changes in system conditions.

“Lighting can truly bring your system to a new visual dimension, that’s why most of our cases provide windowed-panels. With a smart, easy-to use digital interface such as CAM, available for everyone as a free app, HUE+ offers unmatched control and customization for users seeking to bring their PC to the next level,” says Johnny Hou, NZXT’s founder and CEO.

HUE+ offers PC users unprecedented customizations and includes smart lighting functions that react to changes in operating conditions. It features 8 preset lighting effects, with each effect possessing its own set of customizable functions such as LED directions, speed adjustments, and more. Moreover, HUE+ LEDs can be individually addressed with a Custom mode making lighting configurations virtually endless.

With dual-channel lighting output, each channel can be separately assigned and is capable of addressing up to 4 LED strips for a total of 8 strips from a single HUE+. The package includes 4 LED strips and 4 extension cables of various lengths, all packed together to bring unmatched lighting potential to any system.

Setting up HUE+ is both simple and versatile with the directional and daisy-chained design LED strips. This design allows users to add additional LED strips, or use the included extension cables to reach remote areas of the case. Strong magnets positioned onto the LED strip let users quickly position them onto any magnetic surface. Optionally, the attached 3M tape can also be used to fix the strips into position on non-magnetic surfaces.

HUE+ breathes life into a PC when configured to the Smart and Audio modes. Under Smart mode, HUE+ lighting effects react to changes in CPU or GPU temperatures and gaming FPS. With Audio mode, HUE+ reacts to the audio output of the PC and is enhancing the user’s experience when playing a game or listening to music.

CAM is a free monitoring software for the PC and the latest CAM 2.1.8 release has built-in support for the HUE+. CAM was released in 2014 as a free PC software for users to gain an edge over their system’s operating conditions and is also used to in configuring NZXT’s line of digitally controlled products including the Kraken series All-in-One liquid coolers and GRID+ fan controller.

Ready to take any system build to the next level, HUE+ is available now for £39.99 / €59.99 +VAT. A separate HUE+ extension kit will be available soon and feature 2 additional LED strips for £14.99 / €19.99 +VAT.

Dedicated to deliver the best quality hardware and software to consumers, NZXT provides a 2-year warranty.

Price: £39.99 / €59.99 +VAT

Availability: Available for pre-order soon

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