Afraid Of The Light? Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Trailer

👤by Craig Farren Comments 📅01.11.2012 01:44:29

Frictional Games are the people responsible for the Penumbra games and Amnesia, 2010's hit horror game and one that many would say is the scariest game ever made! They know horror, specifically first person survival horror games and players know that when they play one of their games it's brown trousers time.

Their new game, A Machine for Pigs, looks to be just like the others.

The secret behind Frictional’s games (and they’re playing producer role here, to ensure all is good and proper) is to make you as, well, you – a person who isn’t superhuman, and gets a bit scared when really, really scary things are happening. And as the trailer shows, the best place to be in such a time is hiding in a hole with the lights off. RARGGLGLGEFLURGLE!

There is still no fixed release date apart from 'early 2013'. Tell us what you think in our forums!

Now, if you haven't played their previous titles than I recommend you do! Especially Amnesia! They are currently 75% off at the Fritional Games Store and are available on Windows, Mac and Linux. However, if you do, play them in a dark, quiet room, with your headphones and an adult nappy on! Trust me! You'll need it!


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