Akasa Launch the Vivid SOHO RXL and RS Mousepads

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅28.03.2022 19:10:11


LONDON, ENGLAND, March 2022 – Akasa, a leading provider of computer accessories and lighting solutions, has released a new range of premium RGB mousepads under the SOHO line of products. The bright and vivid colours will enhance the look of your PC setup, matching the aesthetic of the other products in the SOHO range. The smooth and durable material complements any build, with nine neon-style lighting modes to switch between.

Akasa’s SOHO mousepads come in two different sizes; SOHO RS is 35 x 25 cm, and SOHO RXL is 75 x 30 cm. These are perfect for a simple mousepad set up using SOHO RS, or a complete mouse and keyboard pad for increased comfort and clean aesthetic using SOHO RXL. The lighting modes are controlled using the switch button, which can cycle through nine vibrant settings: these include gradient, static, and marquee modes. The plug-and-play style mean no batteries are necessary for the mousepad to run, and the lights can easily be disconnected or plugged in for the dazzling and colourful aesthetic.

Made with high-quality rubber, the mat is covered in an advanced waterproof coating which gives it a highly durable and smooth finish. This allows for an even gliding motion for the most accurate mouse control. The anti-slip base secures the mat down, no need to worry about slipping and sliding anymore with the SOHO R series mousepads!


- 350 x 250 x 4mm (L x W x H) (SOHO RS)
- 780 x 300 x 4mm (L x W x H) (SOHO RXL)

Mode Switch:
- Red / Green / Blue / Purple / Blue Green / Yellow / White
- Seven colour breathing light cycle (Red/Green/Blue/Purple/BlueGreen/Yellow/White)
- Marquee backlight mode

Material:- Natural rubber

Product Code


The SOHO RS (AK-MPD-06RB) and SOHO RXL (AK-MPD-07RB) start at £20.85 /€21.90 and £28.50 /€29.90 respectively (prices may vary by reseller), and are available to order throughout the UK, Europe, and the US.

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