Akasa Launches Standard Intel LGA 1700 Thermal Solutions

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Press Release

Akasa launches three new standard Intel LGA 1700 thermal solutions for the 12th generation Intel Core processors. The three coolers are designed for unlocked desktop CPUs (AK-CC6606BP01), F-Series desktop CPUs (AK-CC6603EP01), and T-Series desktop CPUs (AK-CC6601EP01). These are designed to operate efficiently at the TDP set by Intel having a larger baseplate that will fully cover the Alder Lake CPU’s larger 43.6mm core diameter. The coolers are also backward compatible with the Intel LGA 1200 socket.

Akasa AK-CC6606BP01
AK-CC6606BP01 is rated for 125W TDP CPUs and is an essential component for high-performance workstation desktop systems. With a 63.2mm height, and 90mm low-noise fan, this CPU cooler is a great option for office workstations that need more cooling power.

Akasa AKCC6603EP01
AK-CC6603EP01 is a 77W TDP rated cooler with a slightly shorter height, and a larger 95mm fan, which increases the airflow through the heatsink. This cooler is also made especially for workstation desktop systems, get the best for your PC, and upgrade your cooling potential.

Akasa AK-CC6601EP01
AK-CC6601EP01 is the perfect companion to a small form factor build, with the 26.9mm height making it a powerful cooler in a tiny package. A 35W TDP rating and a 75mm fan can handle the heat and is essential for a thin case and motherboard combination.

Pricing and Availability
The new Akasa standard Intel LGA 1700 cooling solutions are available to order throughout UK and EU. See pricing and product page links below.
Akasa AK-CC6606BP01: €24.95
Akasa AK-CC6603EP01: €14.95
Akasa AK-CC6601EP01: €13.95

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