Alpenföhn K2 CPU Cooler - Twin Tower Monster

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Alpenföhn is aiming at the performance crown under the CPU coolers with the K2. For this, Alpenföhn is employing two cooling towers and ships the unit with two, potent Wing Boost fans. The middle fan with 140 mm is intended to keep the air flow at a maximum, while the smaller 120 mm unit in front is meant to offer maximal compatibility to modern mainboards, while still providing impressive air flow. Those wanting to go even further may install a third fan in the rear of the cooler. The Alpenföhn K2 CPU cooler is available immediately at Caseking.

The cooler utilizes an incredible amount of materials with a massive weight of 1050 grams. Using more mass does not simply equate to greater performance, as only an intelligent use of such will make for a great cooler and this is something the Alpenföhn engineers are certainly experts in. Eight heatpipes are embedded in a Copper, with both aspects featuring a high-quality Nickel plating. On top of that, all contact points between cooling fins, heatpipes and ground plate feature high-quality solder points to maximize the potential of the K2.

To dissipate the heat from the CPU, the fine and numerous Aluminum fins offer an incredibly large surface area and the ability to install up to three fans. Alpenföhn ships the K2 with a 120 and larger 140 mm of the award winning Wing Boost cooling fans, which offer maximal air pressure in combination with an incredibly quiet operating noise. These fans feature a unique blade design and rubberized surface, virtually eliminating vibration at the source. While the Wing Boost series is available in black/blue and black/orange variants, Alpenföhn is currently only shipping the black/white version with exclusively with the K2 cooler.

Both fans utilize PWM functionality, allowing for flexible adjustment of the rotation speed. As most mainboards only offer a single PWM connector for the CPU cooler, the included splitter enables to proper monitoring of both fans with a single such plug. At the slowest setting the 120 mm fan produces inaudible 8 dB(A) noise levels, while the 140 mm variant is just as quiet with 10 dB(A). But even at full throttle both manage to impress with an extremely quiet 25 dB(A) rating, while pushing 104m³/h and 108m³/h of air respectively.

On top of that, the Alpenföhn K2 implements a modern fin design, which is not only great to look at. but also results in a clean air flow, further reducing the overall noise level. Besides the pair of fans, mounting systems for all modern sockets from AMD (AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1) and Intel (775, 1155, 1156, 1366) along with a backplate for a proper and worry-free installation, ship with the massive cooler.

The Alpenföhn K2 CPU Cooler - 120/140mm is available immediately for a price of 74.90 Euro at

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