Alphacool Announces Updated System, Cooling & Accessory Range For Cryptocurrency Mining

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Alphacool Mining Rig 12

The world-renowned company, Alphacool, now offers special mining solutions for industry and end customer use. In addition to mining the well-known crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, systems very similar are also increasingly being used in research, development and other areas. These systems generate a lot of heat due to the mass of components used in enclosed spaces. Now, Alphacool has met the demands from the industry and has created cost-effective water cooling solutions and systems. Starting with cases for e.g. server racks and full cover graphic card coolers up to complete mining systems including hardware and preinstalled software.

The products are all cost effective, particularly the graphics card coolers! Extremely low prices are possible which can compete, or even beat the prices of air cooling, without compromising on quality. For even more reliability, there are graphics card coolers with include an integrated pump. Since there are usually several GPUs in a circuit, if one pump does fail, the other pumps can easily keep the liquid flowing ensuring that the system stays cool.

Alphacool 19" Server Mining Rack

Alphacool 19" Server Mining Rack

The Alphacool Mining Rack for 19" Server Enclosures is a dedicated water cooling optimized mining rack. Special mounting options have been integrated for the world renowned Alphacool NexXxoS full copper radiator series.

With two 360 mm XT45 full copper NexXxoS radiators, a maximum ambient GPU temperature of 52C was determined at an ambient temperature of 30C and 8 Nvidia GTX 1070 mining graphics cards.

- Liquid cooling ready
- Space for up to two 360 mm NexXxuS full copper radiators
- Suitable for all 19" server enclosures
- Versions for 8, 9 or 12 mining GPUs
- Higher life and performance through more effective cooling
- Ideal for mining blockchain

Alphacool Mining Rig 12

The Alphacool Mining Rig 12 is the ideal foundation for your mining hardware. Of course, it also offers the option of installing a water cooling system. For this purpose, there are mounting options for up to six Alphacool NexXxoS 360 mm full copper radiators and of course for a whole range of fans. With space for up to 2 Mining Motherboards and 4 power supplies, the system can be configured extensively. To get enough GPU power, it is possible to securely mount up to 12 graphics cards in the case. With up to 3 of these mining rigs stacked and bolted together, you have room for up to 36 mining GPUs.

Alphacool GPX Mining GPU cooler

The Alphacool GPX Mining GPU cooler is the cheapest option Alphacool offers. With a purchase quantity of approx. 2000 pieces, we can offer a price from 30 USD per piece. You do not have to compromise on quality or performance. On the contrary, the GPU coolers are manufactured to the latest technical standards.

- Compact design
- Quick-release connectors for easy replacement when needed
- Large cooling surface for all relevant components
- Easily customizable to your mining GPUs
- Solutions for Nividia and AMD
- High clock speeds thanks to high cooling capacity
- Use in a hot water cycle is also possible

Alphacool GPX-Pro Mining Cooler

The Alphacool GPX-Pro Mining Cooler offers all the advantages of the normal GPX cooler but comes with a pre-assembled pump. The pump used is based on the well-known Alphacool DC-LT pump, which is used in many OEM and proprietary products. By using this cooler on several Mining GPUs, a redundant system with a very high reliability can be built. An additional pump is unnecessary.

- Integrated DC-LT pump
- Setup of a redundant system is possible
- Easily customizable to most graphics cards
- Large cooling surface for all important components
- Quick-release connectors for easy maintenance
- Solution for AMD and Nvidia are available
- High clock speeds thanks to high cooling capacity

Mining PC

No matter which of the cryptocurrencies you would like to mine, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero or Zcash; with our specially adapted and performance-optimized mining PCs you will always be on the right track.

Alphacool Mining PC

All our Mining PCs are liquid cooled to ensure a long service life and high clock rates. This is especially important for the mass of graphics cards used, which are constantly subjected to maximum load. Our specially adapted graphics card liquid coolers offer optimal cooling. As a result, maximum clock rates can be maintained permanently, which of course can increase your hash rate efficiently.

An example configuration with 8 Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5X special mining GPUs with a Celeron CPU with 4GB of RAM and a 64GB SSD gave Ethereum a whopping 320 MH / s (+/- 5%) and Zcash 4800 Sol / s (+/- 5%). This equates to a hash rate of 40 MH / s (+/- 5%) per Nvidia GTX 1070. For comparison, a normal retail Nvidia GTX 1070 typically achieves hash rates of 26-30 MH / s and a retail GTX 1080Ti usually manages 30 -35 MH / s.

The costs of our special mining watercoolers are at a similar price range to air cooling. You can use the same hardware with water cooling and gain a performance increase of about 10-15%.

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