Alphacool Core 2-Component Thermal Glue Released

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅07.05.2021 18:57:37
Press Release

Alphacool Core 2-Component Thermal Glue released today. It is a 2-part thermal adhesive that is perfect for mounting coolers onto critical components without mounting mechanisms such as motherboard VRMs, CPUs, GPUs, and others. The Alphacool Core 2-Component Thermal Glue is an epoxy-based adhesive that users can use to mount coolers to the CPU or GPU of single-board computers such as the Raspberry PI, ODROID, Arduino, Cubieboard, and others.


The Alphacool 2-component thermal adhesive is electrically non-conductive. The high metallic content of aluminium nitride (70 - 73%) guarantees optimal thermal conductivity (0.9 W / mK). The thermal adhesive creates a stable adhesive bond. Due to the material composition, mechanical stresses between the components to be bonded can also be compensated for. The surface hardening is achieved after 2 hours (at an ambient temperature of 25C). Complete curing takes place within 5 to 7 days (at an ambient temperature of 25C).

Technical data:
Mixing ratio (adhesive: activator): 4:1
Thermal conductivity: 0.9 W /mK
Surface hardening (at 25C): 2 hours
Complete hardening (at 25C): 5-7 days
Boiling point:> 200C
Flash point:> 88C
Specific weight (yellow component): 0.97 g/cm3
Specific weight (black component): 2.08 g/cm3

The Alphacool Core 2-component thermal adhesive is available at Alphacool in 5-gram tubes for 6.19.

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