Alphacool Introduces 3D Download Center

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅25.01.2017 20:07:14

Alphacool introduces the 3D Download Center where you can download data files for all the Alphacool products, completely FREE, and import them into a 3D program. For all modders and 3D enthusiasts, Alphacool now offers all products as .stl files. This means you’ll have the exact dimensions and a 3D model to make your vision a reality. Great for modders who want perfect, accurate designs! At launch, the Alphacool 3D Download Center already has radiators and reservoirs available. Additional products will be added continuously.

Now you get an overview of all Alphacool radiators. There you’ll find the direct download button for every radiator. Just click, download, and go! You can import the files straight into your 3D program and make your dreams a reality (at least virtually)!

For free editing tools, Alphacool recommends the following programs:
- FreeCAD
- SketchUp
- Blender
- MeshMixer

For viewing the 3D data files, Alphacool recommends the following:
- Openjcad
- Open 3D Model Viewer

Visit the Alphacool 3D Download Center here.

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