Alphacool Introduces Alphacord and Eiskamm Modding Accessories

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅06.07.2017 21:27:22

Alphacool introduces new products for modding and aesthetics – the new Alphacord sleeves and Alphacool Eiskamm cable combs. Both products help builders and enthusiasts achieve aesthetically appealing cable management and match the PSU cable’s colour with the PC’s colour theme.

Watch Alphacool’s introduction video below on the new Alphacord paracord sleeving and Eiskamm cable combs.

Alphacool Alphacool

It is Alphacool’s premium paracord sleeving that’s superior to plastic and fabric based cable sleeves. Paracord is more opaque and narrow which also offers better flexibility compared to other cable sleeve material. The Alphacord paracord sleeves come in packs of 10feet and is available in 12 different colours including white, canary yellow, neon orange, imperial red, neon green, electric blue, colonial blue, acid purple, gold, silver grey, charcoal grey and black. See sample build images with Alphacord sleeved cables below.

Alphacool Eiskamm and Eiskamm Alu

The Eiskamm cable combs is a perfect partner for the Alphacord sleeve to complete a neat and tidy cable management. Eiskamm cable combs are made of durable nylon material that doesn’t easily break while the Eiskamm Alu cable combs are made of aluminium. The Eiskamm cable combs are available in clear and black colours. The Eiskamm Alu comes in black, silver, red, and blue colours. The Eiskamm cable combs also come in different sizes that covers all basic cables in a typical power supply.

Check out the Aquatuning and Alphacool websites for more information on the Alphacord and Eiskamm modding accessories.

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