Alphacool Introduces Core Ocean T38 Series AIO Coolers

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Alphacool launches its newest all-in-one liquid CPU cooler the Alphacool Core Ocean T38 Series. Alphacool offers the Core Ocean T38 in five different models based on radiator size 120mm, 240mm, 280mm, 360mm, and a massive 420mm radiator. Alphacool Core Ocean T38 Series uses aluminium radiators and are cheaper compared to the Alphacool Eisbaer AIO counterpart that uses copper radiators. The Core Ocean T38 Series is compatible with the newly released AMD AM5 socket and the latest Intel LGA 1700 socket as well as previous-generation Intel and AMD mainstream sockets.

Press Release
Lots of performance at a fair price. With the Core Ocean AiO, Alphacool presents an all-in-one solution that offers an entry into performance-oriented CPU water cooling thanks to its excellent price-performance ratio.

The difference to Alphacool's Eisbaer CPU AiO is that the Ocean All-in-One is not expandable. Adding more components such as radiators, pump or expansion tank is not intended here. But also not necessary! The choice of components and the design of the Core Ocean AiO allow a long lifetime with low maintenance for water cooling of all common mainstream sockets from AMD and Intel. The included mounting hardware already allows Alphacool's latest all-in-one to be used on AMD's AM5 socket.

Also included in the package is Alphacool's Subzero Thermal Grease. This electrically non-conductive 16W/mk thermal compound is particularly well suited for high contact pressures, but can still be applied perfectly due to its viscosity of 850000 TF.


- Material: 3003 aluminium
- available sizes: 120mm, 240mm, 280mm, 360mm, 420mm

- Alphacool Core 120mm & 140mm
- Connection & control: 4-pin PWM
- Fan speed Core 120mm: 0-2500rpm/min (10%)
- Max. Air Flow Core 120mm: 62.8CFM
- Max. static pressure Core 120mm: 2.13mm/H2O
- Fan speed Core 140mm: 0-2000rpm/min (10%)
- Max. Air Flow Core 140mm: 92.3CFM
- Max. static pressure Core 140mm: 2.53mm/H2O

Cooler and Pump
- Material cooler bottom: nickel-plated copper
- Material pump housing: synthetic material (ABS+PC)
- Fin structure cooler bottom: 0.1 x 0.1mm
- Pump bearing & shaft material: Ceramic
- Number of aRGB LEDs: 12
- Speed: max. 3500rpm (10%)
- Connection & control: 4-pin PWM

- Intel: LGA 115x / LGA 1200 / LGA 1700 / LGA 2066
- AMD: AM4 / AM5

The Alphacool Core Ocean T38 CPU All-in-One solutions are now available starting at 62.98 to 96.99.
Alphacool Core Ocean T38 120mm: 62.98
Alphacool Core Ocean T38 240mm: 74.98
Alphacool Core Ocean T38 280mm: 79.98
Alphacool Core Ocean T38 360mm: 85.98
Alphacool Core Ocean T38 420mm: 96.99

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