Alphacool Introduces Eislicht Illumination Bar

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅21.02.2017 18:49:09

Alphacool introduces new technology in illumination with the Eislicht PC lighting. The Alphacool Eislicht is totally different from LED lighting or cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) lighting which was the popular lighting option a few years ago. CCFL tubes produce a pleasant glow but are rather huge and troublesome to install as well as a lower lifespan compared to LED lighting available today.

Today, the popular lighting option in PCs would be LED modules. However, LED modules wherein the LEDs are far apart doesn’t imitate the kind of lighting CCFL tubes offer. The Alphacool Eislicht illumination combines the pros of these two lighting options. The technology behind the Alphacool Eislicht is the same technology used in the backlighting of monitors, LED displays and TVs. Alphacool would be the first manufacturer in the world to use the technology for PC lighting.

Watch the Alphacool Eislicht overview video below

The Alphacool Eislicht offers uniform and consistent illumination with the same versatility of LED lighting modules. It can be mounted and reposition anywhere in a PC chassis thanks to the magnetic screws. For parts that isn’t aluminum or magnetic, a simple double-sided adhesive can be used to mount the Alphacool Eislicht anywhere, inside or outside the chassis.

The lights are powered through a 3-pin cable, as found on most fans. With the Alphacool Eislicht, Alphacool is starting the first generation of a new illumination method.

Technical Details
Dimensions (LxWxH): 312 x 39 x 7mm
Material / Colour of the case: aluminum / black
LED Colour: Red/Green/Blue/White
Cable length: 300mm
Power supply: 3-Pin

The Alphacool Eislicht is available in four colours – red, green, blue and white. The Alphacool Eislicht has an MSRP of €24.95.

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