Alphacool Introduces ES Orbiter Filling Station

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Alphacool introduces the new ES Orbiter Filling Station, a very simple and extremely effective, bubble-free filling of water cooling systems. Maintenance and cleaning is one of the hardest tasks in using a custom liquid cooling system. Draining and refilling a liquid cooling loop can be a daunting task with the risk of damaging components in the process. The ES Orbiter Filling Station aims to simplify that process and minimize risks. By using this device, replacing the coolant and cleaning the loop is a breeze.

Press Release
You want to fill your cooling loop without any hassle? The new ES Orbiter Filling Station from Alphacool enables very simple and extremely effective, bubble-free filling of water cooling systems.

With two powerful pumps, the system to be filled is vented in no time. Thanks to the integrated high-performance filter in the station, the coolant is also cleaned of the finest particles, making it just as ideal for cleaning cooling loops.

Via the slightly raised G1" filling cap on the top, the cooling system is filled effortlessly with the Alphacool ES Filling Station. The illuminated viewing window makes it easy to monitor the fill level at any time, even in poorly lit environments. The integrated reservoir has a sufficiently large capacity of approx. 4500 ml. In addition, the Filling Station has a maintenance door to allow work to be carried out, such as changing filters.

- Dimensions (L x W x H) 415.50 x 226.40 x 188.10mm
- Material: Case: Metal; Reservoir Acrylic; Tubes TPV (EPDM)
- Power consumption 39W
- Max. pumping height 3.125m
- Rate of flow 350l/h
- Permitted operating temperature (industrial applications) 75C
- Water connections 2x G1/4"
- Diameter filling port: G1"
- Volume reservoir approx. 4500ml

Pricing and Availability
The Alphacool ES Orbiter Filling Station is now available on for 399.98 (incl. VAT).

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