Alphacool Introduces New Eisbrecher Radiator Series

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅03.10.2016 07:30:51

Alphacool introduces new generation of radiators, the Alphacool Eisbrecher radiator series. The Alphacool Eisbrecher radiators are specially designed for silent operation when paired with silent fans without compromising performance. The Alphacool Eisbrecher's core is made of copper with the frame and outer parts made of sturdy solid aluminum. The Alphacool Eisbrecher radiators has an exterior grill with a honeycomb design. It also features the Air Breaker Mat (A.B.M.) technology which promises even distribution of fresh air into the fins of the radiator. This technology breaks up the incoming air and evenly distributes it to every area of the radiator. With this, it increases the performance of lower-RPM silent fans.

Another great feature of the new Alphacool Eisbrecher radiators is its unique aesthetics which aims to promote a striking and elegant appearance. The Alphacool Eisbrecher's aluminum frame can be removed and customized making it ideal for modding projects. See the product preview video on the clip below.


The Alphacool Eisbrecher is an expansion of the NexXxoS series and will have 140mm and LT variants soon.

Product Links:
Alphacool Eisbrecher Pro XT45 Full Copper 120mm - 59.13
Alphacool Eisbrecher Pro XT45 Full Copper 240mm - 80.56
Alphacool Eisbrecher Pro XT45 Full Copper 360mm - 101.99

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