Alphacool Introduces the Eiszeit Compressor Cooler

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Alphacool presents the “Eiszeit”, Alphacool's first compressor cooler with a massive cooling power of 1500W. With such specifications the Eiszeit can provide cooling for more than one system. The highlight of the Alphacool Eiszeit Chiller is its integrated pump with a maximum head of 10m giving you higher performance than two classic D5 or DDC pumps. The maximum flow rate is a full 600L/h. There are no special adapters or hoses required to install the Alphacool Eiszeit into your cooling loop. IN and OUT both uses the standard G1/4" threads making the Eiszeit compatible with nearly all current water cooling attachments commonly used today.

This compressor cooler makes it possible to reach temperatures far below room temperature, and the outgoing water temperature can be adjusted in 0.3-degrees Kelvin increments. All settings can be input on the front display. The Alphacool Eiszeit Chiller also has several safety features and sounds an alarm when the temperature cannot be held steady or the flow rate drops below a set minimum. Surge protection for the compressor is also included. The Eiszeit is filled through a fill port on its lid. The reservoir holds 9L and can be emptied through an opening in the back.

Watch the Product Introduction video below:

The Alphacool Eiszeit chiller can be used for are numerous. Aquarists can use the Eiszeit to easily and efficiently cool their aquariums in the summer. Overclockers can use it to reach better temperatures than with any custom water cooling system, without needing to rely on dry ice. Owners of workstations with several graphics cards or server racks with many CPUs can easily cool them without much effort. Thanks to its integrated pump, the Alphacool Eiszeit is versatile and easy to install.

Technical Data
Model: CW-5200(chiller 2000)
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50Hz
Current: 2.4~3.3A
Compressor power: 0.49/0.57KW (0.66/0.77HP)
Refrigeration capacity: 1.41/1.70KW
Refrigerant: R-134a
Refrigerant charge: 380g
Precision: +-0.3℃
Reducer: Capillary
Protection: Surge protection for compressor, flow alarm, high temperature alarm
Pump power: 0.03KW
Tank capacity: 9L
Inlet and outlet: G1/4 Inner threads connector
Max. Lift: 10 M
Max. Flow: 10 L/min
N.W: 29Kgs
G.W: 31Kgs

Product Gallery:

The Alphacool Eiszeit 2000 Chiller has an MSRP of €959.95 inc. VAT. Visit the Alphacool website for more information.

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