Alphacool Outs Eisbaer Refill Kit

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅02.04.2019 16:29:50

Alphacool introduces the Eisbaer Refill Kit, specially designed for refilling the Alphacool Eisbaer Liquid coolers. The Eisbaer Refill Kit comes with all the important tools you need to refill the Eisbaer Liquid Cooler safely. It comes with a funnel with G1/4 thread that will perfectly without leaks. It also comes with a syringe of high-quality thermal paste. To safely check the refilled Eisbaer Liquid Cooling System, the kit comes with an adapter cable for the pump and ATX PSU jumper plug for you to power the Eisbaer cooler without powering the entire system. Watch the instructional video below on how to use the Alphacool Eisbaer Refill Kit.

How To Use

Power down the computer and unplug the entire PC from the wall. Safely remove the Eisbaer cooler from your system. Place the radiator flat into a table and ensure that the Eisbaer CPU/pump/reservoir module is slightly elevated to avoid a spill. Mount the funnel to the fillport and refill the cooler with coolant. Unplug the 24-pin ATX connector and attach the included ATX jumper plug. Connect the pump header with the included SATA to 3-pin header to the power supply. Switch the power supply on to power the Eisbaer cooler. Bleed air by shaking the Eisbaer cooler while filling. Turn off occasionally and fill until full. Remember not to run the pump dry.

1x ATX jumper plug
1x funnel with G1/4" screw-on thread
1x SATA on 2 x 3-pin pump connector
1x syringe thermal paste

Pricing and Availability
The Alphacool Eisbaer Refill Kit is now available with an MSRP of 9.95 including VAT. Learn more about the Eisbaer Refill Kit here.