AMD 2012 Roadmap revealed

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅15.07.2011 04:06:20

AMD has released information of future products to come in 2012. The 28nm products 'Wichita' and 'Krishna' based on 'enhanced Bobcat cores' will be powering Tablets, netbooks and essential performance sectors while the 32nm Bulldozer based 'Trinity' APU will straddle mainstream and performance markets.

Still on 32nm the coming 'Komodo' CPU which was previously known to be 4-8 'enhanced' Bulldozer cores will serve the enthusiast market. The Corona platform, of which Komodo is part of, also states Next-Gen Discrete Graphics which would no doubt suggest that the coming 'Southern Islands' 7000 series Radeon graphics. Interestingly Trinity APU AND Komodo both display FMx infrastructure, which suggests that they MAY be on a new socket and chipset from those that exist today. AMD's current desktop APU, Llano is on the FM1 socket as opposed to AMD's current high end AM3+ 990FX platform.. So are well looking at a merge of desktop sockets that will support both Komodo and Trinity? (maybe FM1+? or FM2?)

While little is known about these future products right now, AMD have already displayed working Trinity samples and they may come within a year. Recently there has been reports that the 7670 and less are to be based on current AMD radeon architecture as to keep compatibility with the iGPU on the Trinity APU in CrossfireX mode. Trinity could have up to 2 Billion transistors and is predicted to have upto 50% GPU performance increase as well as significant CPU performance increase over Llano.

While roadmaps are a good way to indicate the direction future products will be going, it is usually best to put one foot in front of the other and release technology meant for this year.