AMD 7000-Series Undergoes Price Drop

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅16.04.2012 15:46:40

It took some time for AMD to react to the performance and pricing of new NVIDIA's GTX 680, but react they have. Overnight UK prices on the HD7970 cards alone have dropped by almost 80 in some places, reflecting AMD's new pricing structure:

* HD 7970: $479

* HD 7950: $399

* HD 7770: $139

The price reduction appears to be mainly reflected in reference/oem cards which have been in circulation for some time, though some reductions on AIB products with improved cooling have been made too. In conjunction with this offer AMD have also announced their new Three For Free deal, which bundles three new games (two of which are upcoming) with every purchase including:

Award-winning RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution,

First Person Shooter Nexuiz, due May 2012

Driving Game Dirt: Showdown, also due May 2012

The 7850 and 7870 curiously haven't been reduced in price; whilst making sense in the formers' case this does put a considerable amount of pricing pressure on the latter. At 260 the 7870 does look a touch expensive, whereas the 290 7950 is tasty by comparison.

It remains to be seen how, if at all, NVIDIA will react to these changes in the market when filling out their Kepler 600-series range in the coming weeks and months.

Source: HardwareCanucks, Sample Of UK E-tailer's

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AMD 7000-Series Undergoes Price Drop

Suicidal Zebra

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#24541 Posted on: 16.04.2012 19:49:24
Finally, the prices start going down. I think that the 7770 especially needed the reduction, but the ref. 7970 should now be significantly less expensive than the ref. 680 whilst being nip-and-tuck on performance. All the 7000-series cards are probably a little too much money than they should be long-term, but with any luck they'll continue to drop, especially once dual-GPU SKU's start being released.

It's just a shame that early-adopters can't take advantage of this pricing

AMD 7000-Series Undergoes Price Drop


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#24557 Posted on: 17.04.2012 15:40:52
Yeh this is great, a very good price and the game bundle IMO is pretty amazing too.... 2 of the games are ones Im looking forward to and Im sure many others are aswell (specially Nexus)

Bundled with the games that makes the 7970 very very good value, specially compared to the 680.

I haven't been 'bitten' by the price drop either as the other day I traded my 7970 for 210 and an MSI 570 TF3

I really good card... not too far behind my 7970 once overclocked, is meant to be a little faster than the 580 at stock so figures.

I got a 3D vision 2 kit for just 80 from Aamazon aswell!! They are meant to be about 130. I think Amazon have made a mistake and put it up as just the glasses on their own, but it includes the emmiter

I just want the 680 to drop in price aswell now, its got to really compared to the 7970... Although I will probably just wait for the 690 or 685/what ever card it turns out to be later this year.

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