AMD 7970 to get 'GHz Edition' Makeover

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅07.05.2012 20:16:06

AMD currently has HD 7770 and 7870 GHz Editions while the capable 7970 still ships with a reference 925MHz core frequency. Though many 3rd parties offer pre-overclocked versions, AMD now see fit to ship the Tahiti GPU with a reference core exceeding 1GHz frequency to remain competitive with the firm launch by NVIDIA.

Expecting to come in with a frequency of 1050MHz, this will allow everyone to benefit from the extra performance to be had from AMDs flagship GPU. As the 28nm process matures, yields improve and extra performance is to be had, considering that the 7970 graphics cards are known to be capable overclockers already, combined with reports that suggest latest GPU samples are able to hit frequencies of 1250MHz 'easily', AMD expect to close the performance gap between them and their arch rival significantly.


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