AMD And Nvidia Set To Delay The Launch Of Their Next Generation Grapics Cards

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According to sources it is rumored that AMD and Nvidia are delaying their next generation graphics cards until Q4 2013.

If your currently waiting for the next generation of graphics cards you could be in for a wait. According to sources over in Sweeden we could be waiting as long as Q4 2013.
Originally announced to be released Q2 2013 inline with the launch of Haswell (Intel's latest offering) both AMD and Nvidia have both decided to postpone their release until at least October.

According to source we might see a new dual GPU core 7990 based on AMD's New Zealand core (current 7990 being based on Tahiti XT) and Nvidia's Geforce Titan which is rumored to be the long awaited GK110 core which will be a lot more expensive over the current 700 series making it an expensive choice for enthusiasts and gamer's alike.

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