AMD and Valve Make Driver Updates Easy

👤by Connell Parr Comments 📅16.09.2010 00:59:32

PC gamers can now detect and install the latest ATI Catalyst™ driver for their ATI Radeon™ graphics card directly from within Steam! Gamers using ATI graphics will not only be kept posted on the latest available drivers for their hardware, but with every update they’ll know that they’re getting the overall best possible gaming experience AMD and Valve can provide.

Here at AMD we’re big fans of Steam, and it’s not hard to see why! (And it would appear 25 million people love it just as much as we do.) In five short years, Valve has evolved the Steam platform to become the preeminent destination for easy and fast access to the latest games and online multiplayer play, offering new features to gamers and to developers, taking PC gaming to new heights – and new audiences. This evolution of PC gaming means exciting times for PC gamers, and today’s announcement is another step in that evolution.

AMD and Valve teaming up to make sure that Steam gamers always have the most recent drivers for their graphics cards is just another way that we are showing our commitment to the promise we developed in our Gamers’ Manifesto.

The first ATI Catalyst driver update that will be available via Steam will be ATI Catalyst 10.9.

ATI Catalyst 10.9 is live on Steam! Got an NVIDIA card or don't want to resort to Steam for driver updates? If so then see the sticky on Vortez's forums with links to the latest drivers for both NVIDIA and AMD users.

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