AMD Applies For Vega II Image Trademark

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅10.12.2018 21:08:35

Earlier this year AMD pledged to be the first to bring 7nm GPUs to market manufactured using TSMC's cutting-edge lithographic process, and it appears that we now have the branding these GPUs will be sold under. Today it was uncovered that the red team have made a new application for an Image Trademark for Vega II with the following description:

"The mark consists of two triangles, joined at one corner, so that a leg of each triangle appears to form the side of a letter "V". The left side of the design is a single dark triangle. The right side of the design is composed of a smaller triangle and four alternating light and dark horizontal stripes."

Removing all doubt is the selection of goods and services categories the trademark would apply to: "Integrated circuits, namely, graphics, video and multimedia integrated circuits; integrated circuit chip sets; cards containing integrated circuits; integrated circuit chips; semiconductor devices; semiconductor chips; semiconductors; chipsets; computer hardware; microprocessors;" etc.

The initial round of Vega II devices are likely to be exclusive to enterprise and professional customers under the Radeon Instinct or Radeon Pro banners. It may also make an appearance among a refreshed AMD Ryzen APU lineup.

However, AMD Radeon fans may well be waiting some time for a mainstream gaming GPU that will be competitive with NVIDIA's RTX 20-series cards; that is, if recent 'leaks' are reliable.


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