AMD Brings The 7900-Series To Notebooks

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅24.04.2012 12:14:01

Those who take the notebook path for their gaming machines will be pleased to hear that AMD will finally be implementing the 7900-series in the mobile platform. The 7970M features spec's similar to the 7870 desktop part, i.e. 1280 GCN shaders, 32 ROPs and 80 TMU's; however the core and memory frequencies take a slight hit at 850MHz and 1.2GHz respectively. As for the memory, the base spec is 2GB GDDR5 utilising a 256-bit bus - should be plenty for gaming on a 1080p laptop screen.

The 7970M will also feature a sub-1W low power mode when the GPU is not active, improving idle and low-load battery life even before the low-power benefits of a 28nm process are taken into consideration. AMD calls this 'AMD Enduro Technology', proving that if nothing else they haven't lost their penchant for odd-sounding features.

The 7970M should see release on new AIB laptop lines in the coming days, with lower spec SKUs no doubt due later this quarter.

Source: Via Tweaktown

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