AMD Confirms No Radeon HD 8000 Series Cards Until Q4 2013

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According to reports from several sources AMD have announced that their 7000 Series graphics cards will be their primary focus for the foreseeable future.

According to sources and a twitter post on AMD's official twitter page, it looks like AMD are delaying their Radeon HD 8000 series and would continue to focus on the HD 7000 series cards. Quite a number of sites are reporting that AMD Radeon's marketing manager Robert Hallcock decided to go to twitter and post the following tweet seen below.

The tweet has been causing controversy, basically stating that AMD will focus on the 7000 series for the foreseeable future and doesn't mention anything about the HD 8000 'Sea Islands' graphics cards which gamers and enthusiasts alike have been waiting for. According to LegitReviews who have done some fantastic leg work have actually got a hold of Mr Hallcock who had this to say -

"Yes, I made that comment. I cannot say anything more than what I’ve already said, really. AMD and its partners are happy with the HD 7000 Series, and it will continue to be our emphasis in the channel for the foreseeable future. I should note that HD 8000 Series has never been so much as hinted at for a channel release. Anything to the contrary is an unsubstantiated rumor fabricated to drive traffic." - Robert Hallock

So what do you think? Has AMD delayed the Sea Islands graphics cards until Q4 2013/Q4 2014 due to the next generation of consoles? Are they holding up the development process? Or is there an actual issue with design and fabrication itself? We want to hear what you think on our forums.


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