AMD Demo Trinity APU at CES 2012

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅11.01.2012 21:14:51

AMD's coming 'Trinity' APU which is set to replace the current line of A-Series APUs for mainstream PCs down to notebooks, has been demonstrated at CES 2012. Packing in four Piledriver cores (next generation Bulldozer architecture) and 7000M graphics core (mobile) or a HD 7000D for the desktop APU, the demonstration was impressive to say the least.

We see a standard midi chassis connected to two monitors, one running Dirt3 in DX11 at high quality, and another screen transcoding a video. If this wasn't impressive enough, it is then revealed that doing all the work inside the ATX case is a 14" notebook running the 17W variant of Trinity, oh and the notebook wasn't idle either, it was playing back HD video content too!

This is a very impressive demo, one Intel failed to top with their Ivy Bridge demo.

AMD also discussed that they will be presenting an alternative to Intel's Thunderbolt, currently named 'Lighning Bolt'. The interface will cost around $40 and use a similar DisplayPort 1.2 cable which can be connected to four monitors and multiple USB 3.0 devices as well as charging the notebook.