AMD Demonstrate Bulldozer at E3

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅07.06.2011 20:16:45

The demonstration kit in use is an ASUS Crosshair V with an 8 core Zambezi CPU with a screen shot of AMD Overdrive displaying all cores running between 900MHz-3.2GHz and has been suggested that volts and temperature readings are inaccurate.

AMD display with an Eyefinity setup

Screenshot of AMD Overdrive with 8 cored CPU

Packaging for the 4 core Zambezi FX CPU

Packaging for AMD's 8 core Zambezi FX CPU

Slide explaining the advantages of new instruction sets

ASlide discussing Bulldozer's Flexible apprach to floating point calculations

A presentation slide explaining features of the Bulldozer module

8 core FX CPUs from AMD

View of the ASUS CHV with the 8 core CPU

Once released, the FX CPUs combined with the 900 series chipset motherboards and the 6000 series graphics cards, will complete the 'Scorpius' platform.


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