AMD Expected To Gain 10% Share in Server Market

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅04.10.2019 23:49:18

AMD is gaining ground against Intel in different markets particularly in the PC DIY or consumer-level market. DIGITIMES reports AMD could also gain a 10% market share in the server market in the next six months as the new AMD 7nm EPYC processors obtain support from numerous first-tier enterprise servers and datacentre players. DIGITIMES report says that AMD landed orders from major internet service providers including Google and Twitter along with second-tier and white-box vendors. AMD’s second-generation EPYC processors featuring the 7nm process was launched in August 2019.

AMD’s Rising Momentum

AMD has been gaining popularity and market share in the DIY PC market for consumers ever since the first-generation Ryzen desktop processors came out. AMD gains more momentum with the third-generation Ryzen 3000 Series, becoming a popular and highly recommended option for gamers and streamers particularly for users that do both simultaneously. Just this week, AMD and Microsoft unveiled the new Surface Laptop 3 15” model featuring the AMD Ryzen Microsoft Surface Edition processors, being the first AMD-powered Surface device which was an Intel-dominated product line until this week. Aside from the Surface Laptop 3, AMD processors have also entered the gaming laptop market in collaboration with ASUS.

Check out our review of the ASUS TUF Gaming FX505D Gaming Laptop powered by the AMD Ryzen 7 3750H Mobile Processor on the video review below.

AMD also landed partnerships with HP and Acer to supply AMD processors for their Chromebook products. Google Chromebooks are predominantly powered by Intel processors and some Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. The said AMD-powered HP and Acer Chromebooks will be sporting the 7th generation AMD A-Series APUs.

AMD has recently announced the Ryzen Pro and Athlon Pro processors designed for enterprise desktops. Partner brands like HP and Lenovo have already begun selling products using the Ryzen Pro and Athlon Pro CPUs since September 2019. Intel plans the counter AMD with the release of the next-generation Cascade Lake-X series processors with lower prices contrary to the previous generation's launch price.

Article Source: DIGITIMES