AMD FreeSync Technology 2018 Roadmap

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The AMD announced the FreeSync 2 Technology in January 2017 which has been under development and implementation since then coming after the success of the first-generation FreeSync technology. To date, AMD claims there are 353 monitors that support the FreeSync Technology that offers immersive stutter-less visuals for gamers at a very competitive price point compared to what the competitors offer. AMD was able to enable the functionality on both HDMI and DisplayPort connections which its competitor can’t claim. FreeSync also introduced Low Framerate Compensation that decreases screen tearing and stuttering at very low frame rates below the monitor’s bottom refresh rate. Following the success of the FreeSync Technology, AMD aims to further improve the technology with FreeSync 2. Learn more about the development of AMD’s FreeSync Technology below.

AMD FreeSync 2 Technology

The AMD FreeSync 2 Technology is currently given to panels that pass a higher standard limited to the most technologically advanced and premium panels today. FreeSync 2 certification requires a wider colour gamut support, high peak brightness and contrast and a wider refresh rate range compared to its predecessor technology.

The first monitors that feature FreeSync 2 Technology are the Samsung CHG90 and CHG70 monitors announced last June of 2017 that sports a native refresh rate of 144Hz and High Dynamic Range (HDR). Today, AMD adds another monitor into the FreeSync 2 family – the BenQ EX3203R monitor. The BenQ EX3203R sports a 32-inch curved panel with 90% DCI-P3 colour gamut, support for HDR content and a wide refresh rate range going up to 144Hz at a 2560x1440p resolution as mandated by the FreeSync 2 standards.

Value-Oriented Gaming Monitors

FreeSync-capable monitors can be found as low as $140 USD and 144Hz FreeSync-capable monitors around $200 USD, significantly more affordable compared to offerings of the competing monitor technology. Even the Samsung’s outstanding CHG series of monitors that sport the superior FreeSync 2 technology start around $500 USD. AMD FreeSync brings premium display with variable refresh rate and HDR support to gamers at a very attractive price point. Expect to see more FreeSync 2 integrations with display panel partners this 2018.

Xbox One FreeSync 2 Support

AMD and Microsoft brought FreeSync technology to the entire Xbox One family with FreeSync 2 support on the Xbox One S and Xbox One X devices. More FreeSync features to come for the Xbox One family this year says AMD. AMD also teases FreeSync support on TVs coming very soon.

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