AMD GCN-Based HD7770 Pictured

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅19.12.2011 10:58:07

Well, that's a relief. The first pictures of the 7700-series of cards, based on the same 28nm GCN architecture of the 7900-series, have been leaked and it's not just another refresh of the 5770 'Juniper' *cue angel chorus*.

The card imaged is believed to be a 7770, codenamed Cape Verde. Display connections are fairly basic, consisting of one DVI, HDMI and mDP per card. As only one 6-pin PCI-E connector is in evidence we can make a sensible guess that the card will draw 100-125W. Four memory chips lead to the obvious conclusion that the card has a 128-bit memory bus and will probably support 1GB GDDR5 RAM. Finally, the card has only one Cross-fire connector; multi-GPU set-ups can have only two of these cards in a system.

The card isn't particularly long, topping out at the ~8.25" of its predecessors the 5770 and 6770, and the ample space could tempt you believe that the reference design is that length to fit standard-sized coolers. More exotic versions from 3rd parties wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility.

The 7770 is due to be released at some time after the high-end 7900-series, and is believed to be the lowest-end next generation GCN-based card.

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