AMD Presents High-Performance Mini PCs Powered by AMD Ryzen Embedded CPUs

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AMD announces that it is enabling an open ecosystem for OEMs to create and customize mini PCs powered by the AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 and R1000 processors. AMD partners with ASRock Industrial, OnLogic, EEPD, and Simply NUC to present a line-up of high-performance mini PCs for industrial, enterprise, communications, and media markets. The AMD Ryzen Embedded processor-powered mini PCs are open and customizable platforms based on the high-performance CPU/GPU processor with expansive peripheral support along with planned 10-year processor availability.

The AMD Ryzen Embedded processor-powered mini PCs offering scalability and ease of use supporting open software standards. AMD presents its current partners and mini PC offerings below:

ASRock Industrial

ASRock Industrial and its 4X4 BOX – R1000V and 4X4 BOX – V1000M systems aim to deliver cost-effective, high-performance and versatile embedded Mini PCs for home entertainment, business and industrial applications. Both the ASRock 4X4 BOX – R1000V and 4X4 BOX – R1000R comes with two DDR4-SODIMM slots supporting up to 32GB of DDR4-2400MHz memory. Both mini PCs also pack two Gigabit LAN ports and Intel Wireless-AC 3168. Both also come with a 2.5" drive bay and M.2 PCIe Gen3x4 slot for SATA III SSDs supporting M.2 2242 and M.2 2260 form-factors only.


EEPD with the SBC PROFIVE NUCV and SBC PROFIVE NUCR are embedded NUC standard motherboards measuring 10x10cm. These NUC standard motherboards are designed for high-performance ultra-compact Mini PCs. The SBC PROFIVE NUCV Series features the AMD processors of the V1000 series - V1202B / V1605B / V1756B / V1807B with Radeon Vega 3 / 8 / 11 graphics. The SBC PROFIVE NUCR Series features the AMD Series R1000 Processors - R1606G / R1505G with Radeon Vega 3 graphics.


OnLogic and the ML100G-40 and MC510-40. These are the first two systems in a line of AMD powered small form-factor computers that leverage the reliability and lifecycle benefits of OnLogic's expertise in building industrial and rugged devices. The MC510-40 is a cost-effective and powerful industrial AMD Ryzen Mini-ITX computer capable of driving four independent displays with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics. The ML100G-40 is a compact fanless AMD Ryzen industrial computer with quad-core processing, dual LAN, DIO, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, and long embedded lifecycle.

Simply NUC

Simply NUC with the Sequoia V8 and Sequoia V6, which are rugged, long-lasting units to power digital signage displays, electronic kiosks, data arrays, and other free-standing utilities

Open Software Support

Mini PCs powered by AMD Ryzen Embedded processors support a growing list of software partners with pre-validated packages based on open-source software. These partners include Radeon Open Compute (ROCm), OpenCL, and more. As well, these Mini PCs can run the software for machine vision, object detection, edge inference, and analytics from AMD software ecosystem partners, creating a platform that’s well suited for applications that require fast deployment.

AMD Ryzen Embedded Processors

The AMD Ryzen Embedded processors bring together AMD “Zen” CPU and “Vega” GPU architectures in a seamlessly integrated SoC solution for high-performance computing to support the modern computing needs of industrial, media, and enterprise applications.

The AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 and R1000 processors provide scalable solutions from 6 watts to 54 watts in a pin-compatible package that powers high resolution, 4K multi-display configurability, high-performance 3D graphics all while enabling extended availability that alleviates replacement cycles and minimizes customer costs.

Learn more about the AMD Ryzen Embedded processors here.

Source: AMD Newsroom

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