AMD Price Changes and New Athlon II

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅16.11.2011 17:00:57

AMD have introduced a new SKU the Athlon II X4 651 for the FM1 socket. This is likely to offer better performance and value over the A8-3850 (if you can get hold of one) as many people may not need an integrated GPU. This could also be a good way to use up some A8-3850 parts where the CPU cores are fine but the GPU side may not be so great. Clocking in at 3GHz, it is 400MHz higher than the previous Athlon II X4 631 and has a total of 4MB L2 cache.

Price changes include some increases in the dual core A4 line of APUs and a slight reduction in the triple core A6-3500. The largest drop is seen in the FX-6100 for AM3+ motherboards which is 10USD.


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