AMD Radeon HD 7970 Seen?

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅08.12.2011 19:59:57

The images show the new cooler shroud, evolving from the original 5000/6000 reference shroud coolers as well as the reverse sides of the PCBs. At first glance this may seem to reveal nothing, however it would confirm that the 7970, at least, will be using a 384-bit memory bus. We can also see that the card has 1x 6pin and 1x 8pin PCI-E power connectors, suggesting that power use may be similar to the current gen HD 6970, however it is likely that performance will see a sizable jump considering that the fabrication has moved from 40nm - 28nm so we can expect a lot of lovely transistor packed action on the inside.

12 Memory chips suggests that the 7970 will have 384-bit memory bus.

Engineering sample.

CrossfireX goodness.


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